Unfit Parenting

The state of Nevada takes unfit parenting very seriously. The law is centered around protecting the child, first and foremost. This is what both the courts and parents must follow when deciding and acting on behalf of the child.

Although the courts fight to keep families together, there are cases when it may be decided that a child must be permanently removed if their safety is at risk or if they are in danger. Because the state will always keep your child’s best interests at heart, it is critical for parents to understand how the the court’s will decide unfitness in parenting.

Understanding the difference between relinquishing and terminating

Sometimes a parent may choose to voluntarily relinquish their rights their parental rights on their own. However, a parent cannot decide that their co-parent is “unfit”; the state must be the one to decide that. If a parent voluntarily chooses to relinquish their rights, the child will often be placed in a foster home pending adoption.

If the court’s determine one or both parents are unfit to parent, they will proceed with termination. However, the court’s must have extensive documentation proving that this decision is in the best interest of the child. It is generally a very long, slow process as the court’s are very careful to make the decision of termination, since that decision cannot be undone.

Why you need an experienced attorney

If you are going through this process with your child, it can be very complicated, scary, and overwhelming. While termination can be rare, it is important that the court’s make a smart decision as your child’s well-being could be at stake. We can help navigate the complicated legal process to make sure your child is in a position to thrive in safety. Contact us today for a consultation, and we will make sure you and your child are taken care of.

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