Relocation of Children in a Joint Custody Relationship in Las Vegas

Transcript from the video above regarding child relocation for parents who share custody rights in Las Vegas

I wanted to take a minute, because I had to someone ask an interesting question relative to relocation. I Wanted to give you the information on relocation and Nevada just so everybody’s aware, the relocation statutes under the Nevada revised code is found in NRS 125C .006 through 125C 0075.

It’s important that you understand that a parent cannot just up and relocate with the minor child without the consent of the other party or the other parent if you will. Furthermore, if you cannot obtain written consent of the other parent then you’re required to petition the court for the right to relocate with a minor child outside of the state of Nevada. The court is going to weigh several factors in doing so. Specifically, what advantage there will be to the child in relocating, and what other opportunities are available to them there, and whether it’s really in the child’s best interest to go or not.

[01:15] The court is supremely going to be concerned with the other parent’s relationship with that child. Will the parent be able to maintain a relationship with that child, a well bonded relationship with that child, once the child no longer lives in the state of Nevada. It’s important that you guys also understand that a parent cannot relocate for the sole purpose of frustrating a, a custodial relationship with the other parent.

[01:49] Again, the court is really going to be concerned with, what advantage there will be to the child, what opportunities will be available to them there that they otherwise won’t have if they stay in Las Vegas or in Nevada for that matter.

Generally speaking, again, written consent is required in a written or a writing instrument wherein that document can be presented to the court. If that written instrument cannot be obtained, a petition to relocate must be filed with the court, which will ultimately result in a evidentiary hearing, for the court to take substantial evidence to make a determination whether such a relocation will be in the child’s best interest or not.

[02:42] We would be delighted here at the Levitt Flaxman law firm to assist you in evaluating your case. To make a determination whether relocation is a possibility for you and for your child and or children. Please feel free to give us a telephone call is (702) 602-7447 a to schedule a consultation where we can sit down with you and make a determination whether this is an option for you or not. We’d be delighted to sit down with you and look forward to speaking with you. Thank you very much.

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