Relocating With Children

If you are going through a divorce with children, and are hoping to move across state lines before your divorce is final, it is important to understand the general parameters and laws surrounding relocation with children.

Although it is possible to move to other states with your children while your divorce is still pending, there can be some complications so it is important to understand the law.

Relocating in Nevada

Start by understanding Nevada’s laws regarding relocation with children during a pending divorce. The laws for relocation in Nevada are different from other states. Nevada focuses the decision based on distance moved rather than if you are crossing state lines. For example, someone moving from Reno, Nevada to Sacramento, California may find it easier than if you were moving from Reno, Nevada to Las Vegas. The courts deciding factor is based off of distance, as that is going to affect the family more than simply just crossing state lines.

Parental consent

In order for your move to be permissible, generally the co-parent needs to consent before the courts will allow the move. Some of the factors that the court considers when making the decision are as follows:

  • If the relocation will improve the life of the child and parent
  • If visitation can be appropriately maintained
  • The reasons behind the desire to relocate

We can help with child relocation

On top of an already stressful time, it can feel overwhelming or confusing to gain permission from your co-parent and the courts before moving to a new home. To help eliminate confusion and hardship, we can help. A good relocation lawyer is critical to help best present your case because the co-parent and courts have a right to say no. We have years of experience covering relocation, so give us a call today!

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