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Family law issues can be emotional and problematic, especially when they might affect you for decades. Our legal team here at Leavitt & Flaxman understands the questions and concerns that arise in family law proceedings.

Our primary concerns are to advocate in the best interests your children, protect you as a parent and protect your assets during difficult and trying times. We have extensive experience in resolving family law issues.

We’re excellent negotiators, and as litigators, we’re highly respected. You may not have ever encountered some of the issues in the past that are now confronting you. You’re certain to have questions, and you will want effective legal representation to assist you in resolving those issues.

As family law practitioners, here are some of the issues that we work with on behalf of our clients:

Family Litigation

Whenever it is possible, we attempt to achieve a favorable outcome for our clients through negotiation or mediation. Both of the parties to the case must be willing to compromise and settle issues though. If one or both of the parties are unwilling to compromise, and a hearing or trial is necessary, we have the advanced legal and courtroom skills to fully adjudicate the rights of our clients.


We understand how clients in family law proceedings become frustrated when they are unable to communicate with their attorney. Open lines of communication are available for our clients. We continually advise them each step of the way on what we are doing to assist them in resolving their cases.

We approach every family law case with integrity, dignity and compassion. When you retain us, you are going to receive individualized attention until such time as your matter is resolved. We’re strong advocates for our clients and their families, and we will aggressively but professionally protect the best interests of your children.

Contact us by phone or email to arrange for your confidential family law consultation with one of our attorneys. We promise to listen to you closely, answer your questions and advise you of your complete range of legal options.

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