The Nasty Aspects of Divorce Hearings

Believe it or not, as if a divorce isn’t enough pain for people to go through, there are some individuals who make false claims to try and get an upper hand in divorce cases.  We have seen false claims of child abuse, false kidnapping accusations, false molestation charges, and false domestic violence accusations made. These brutal realities demonstrate a divorce can leave the realm of the civil and go into a very dark place.


We help those falsely accused by a spouse not only regain their rights, but also their dignity.  Having accusations made about you; that you are hurting the very people you love the most is dangerous and cruel.  We do not take such accusations lightly and use every available resource to help fight back in cases like these. We know there are very good people in very ugly divorces and we can help you navigate your situation to get your life and your rights restored, even improved at times, if someone chooses to use such menacing tactics.


If You Have Been Blindsided, Give Us a Call


We thrive helping those in the most challenging situations.  We know your life can substantially improve or deteriorate based on our skill, knowledge and passion.  This is why we personally work on each case we take on, avoiding the temptation to create a divorce case factory, and just take the time we need to in order to ensure your rights are protected.


Should You Suffer Because Your Spouse Uses Dirty Tactics?


We understand, by nature, divorces are contentious.  There is a difference between normal contention and brutal tactics, such as false accusations and slander.  We hesitate to mention these things can happen because we would hate to give anyone any ideas. However, it is common enough it has to be addressed.  We have seen parents accused of horrible things, or even new step parents get accused by a prior spouse of molestation as a way to try and break up the new union by the old partner.  


When this happens, we believe there needs to be a consequence to the individual making the false claims.  Otherwise, they will be emboldened to repeat such tactics and destroy other lives.


The sexual allegation claim is so common, it has a name.  The SAID Syndrome. Sexual Allegation in Divorce. It is most commonly seen in a contested divorce case or child custody case.  The question most people ask, is WHY would they do this?


Possible reasons for this tactic include:  


  • Gaining an upper-hand in the negotiation process (I’ll make this go away if you give me this or that)
  • To force the accused spouse out of the house
  • To punish the spouse for other faults
  • To gain sole custody of the child


No matter what the reason is, these tactics are something that cannot be ignored and must be taken extremely seriously.  We have experience with cases like this and want to help you get through this time. If addressed aggressively and properly, this tactic can have the opposite effect than the accuser desired. We have seen custody flip to the accused parent when the judge saw what tactic the accuser was using to try and gain an upper-hand.


If you have been falsely accused of a crime, please give us a call, we would love to help you in your situation.  We understand how angry and scared you feel. You should be angry, and we are here to ensure you are vindicated.


Whether it is false claims about sexual abuse, physical abuse, kidnapping, child abuse, etc… we are here to protect your rights and your reputation.

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