Prenuptial Agreements

When it comes to dealing with divorce asset allocation, why not make decisions up front about how an equitable split can occur if an outcome other than you desire happens.  A prenuptial agreement allows for the parties to determine what they want to happen, rather than the defaults of Nevada law to determine the case. The basic idea is both parties can have protection because they know what they are agreeing to prior to entering into the legal contract of marriage.


Why Should I Consider a Prenuptial Agreement If I Am In Love?


There are many reasons to look at a prenuptial agreement.  One could be there are significant assets at play and children from another marriage.  In case of a divorce later, should the children suffer twice (enduring the divorce and losing financial security)?  This is a major reason people look at prenuptial agreements. Another reason, is the obvious financial protection angle.  If a person (man or woman) spends 20 years building a thriving practice for example, makes a miscalculation on character of the person they married, they should be protected and not lose the 20 years worth of work to build the asset in the first place.  

Another situation where a prenuptial agreement is common, is when there are multiple business partners forming a business and all the partners agree to have any new spouse sign a prenuptial agreement to exclude the business to protect the interests of all the founders.  It can feel like an awkward conversation to have with your new love, but it is far better than having to explain to partners why they have to be involved in your divorce and potentially have interests competing for ownership or assets they never agreed to.  The type of corporate formation used has an impact on division rules.

We can help navigate these sensitive concerns and help protect the assets as well as avoid the conflicts later by employing sensible and caring attention to the needs and wishes of both parties to ensure the prenuptial is merely a formality designed to protect interests and reduce conflict at a later date.  

We can meet confidentially to show you what this would look like, or openly with you and your partner to ensure full transparency.  We are here for you.

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