Legal Fees

No one likes to talk about money when it feels like half your world is already being ripped away from you.  So, we wanted to give you peace of mind knowing how we work and helping you understand what will cause legal fees to increase and what causes them to decrease.




The best thing you can do to keep your costs down is to cooperate when possible.  If both you and your spouse enters this process with a desire to cooperate and negotiate, it saves a tremendous amount of legal fees (remember, ultimately the community is likely paying for 2 lawyers, yours and theirs), so any fight you can avoid reduces legal preparation time for both sides.   This is why we encourage mediation as a first line of negotiation rather than immediately escalating your separation into a contested divorce. 


Retaining Our Firm


No business relationship between you and us exist until you retain our firm.  What this entails is having a consultation, filling out some forms and paying a small retainer.  This process ensures you know when you are a client and when it is “safe” to share all the details of your case.  At times, you may be required to deposit funds into a trust account to ensure you have a positive balance.


Some of the fees you may see on your bill include the following:


  • Hourly time of attorney or paralegal
  • Processing fees to court
  • Transcription fees
  • Legal Research Time
  • Expert Fees


We commit to treating you fairly and earning your trust through a fierce dedication to you as our client.  We know this time is challenging for you and we want you to know we are here for you and we are 100% on your team.   


We understand there are some people who cannot afford legal services.  In those cases, we refer you to: Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and the Pro Bono Project – You can call them at  (702) 386-1070.   


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