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When making the vows of “I do,” no one expects to be in a place where the love and commitment has faded.  It is a harsh reality that requires grieving the loss of what was so strongly hoped for. The issue is, while going through this process, you are expected to make wise decisions regarding asset allocation and custody arrangements.  

There are not only issues associated with practical matters of asset distribution and support, but there are also the emotional issues of guilt and shame, especially when children are involved.  We are not here to make this process easy, it won’t be. We are on your team to represent your interests with compassion and grace. You may have thoughts running in two threads at the same time. One side is concerned about your reputation and what am I going to tell my friends and family? The other thought is how is all this going to worked through, is this my new life?


Child Support and Custody Issues are the Most Common Dispute in a Divorce (even more than money):

When going through a divorce, when you have children, both parents have a massive interest in ensuring the maximum time with their children.  There is a common belief the courts favor the mothers when it comes to custody disputes.  It is difficult to determine if this is in fact true because more mothers seek custody of the children than fathers do.  So the higher rate of sole custody who are mothers can largely be attributed to who asked for custody in the first place.  This is important to understand. Just because you are the mother, it doesn’t grant automatic sole custody status, and if you are the father, it doesn’t exclude you from seeking sole custody.  

In cases where there is amicable efforts by both parties, a joint custody is common, this is also common in cases where both the mother and the father are competent parents and the court sees value in the children spending time with both parents.  The court is primarily concerned with the well-being of the children when deciding custody arrangements, not the gender of the parties who make the request.


Other Common Factors to Be Considered in a Las Vegas Divorce Case:


Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) – This is a common part of the divorce proceedings to ensure the asset distribution is equal.  With over a dozen factors on how this number is determined, it becomes extremely important to have your case prepared by a professional.

Asset Division – This can include a house, cars, businesses, savings accounts, etc.  There is a distinction between community property and separate property.  Our firm focuses on this aspect of the divorce proceedings to ensure you get the best outcome.  This can mean helping to define assets as more community or more separated, depending on the case.


Why You Need a Las Vegas Divorce Specialist for Your Case:


Divorce is a high stakes game.  If you lose in the courtroom, your life will look far different than if you win.  This could be the difference or thousands or 10’s of thousands (or more) per month for years to come. Our belief is if we put in the extra effort now, it will improve the quality of life for our clients as well as their children’s lives for years to come. Just like having a partner that doesn’t fit causes a lot of pain and troubles later, so does not paying careful attention within the divorce proceedings to ensure your rights are protected.  

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