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There is a situation that gets to be extraordinarily difficult to navigate, when one parent with shared or joint custody, wants to move out of the state with the children.  The parent who wants to relocate the children is responsible to prove it is in the best interest of the children in order to be able to relocate the children.


This can be massively frustrating for the parent who wants to move.  Maybe there is a job opportunity in the other state, or a romantic relationship elsewhere.  There are normally reasonable reasons to move, but when it comes to location of the children, the courts will always side with the children’s best interests over the parents.


We Can Help You In Child Relocation Cases:


Maybe you are on the side seeking the relocation, or maybe you are opposing the relocation of the children.  In either case, it is vitally important to structure your case properly.


Wanting to Move Doesn’t Make You Selfish:


There are many reasons a move can be necessary.  If you are having trouble retaining work in Las Vegas and there is a much better market for your skills, it is sensible to try and relocate to make more money to give your children a better future.   This is especially true if you have a very narrow skill (like a scientist or a professor) which has extremely limited options within the market to begin with. In these cases, moving makes the difference between being employed or not being employed.


Wanting to Keep Your Kids in Your Town Doesn’t Make You Selfish:

When opposing another person’s wishes, a common complaint is you are being selfish.  It is strange to argue a person is being selfish because they want to be near their kids.  Accepting there is no other way for the other party to make it work is not a good idea when proximity of your children is at risk.


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