Adoption Proceedings

Deciding to adopt a child is a beautiful expression of selfless love we enjoy helping people with.  Much of our job stems in areas of conflict, so this particular area of law we are passionate about because we know what an amazing benefit we are to the children we help within the adoption process.


The deepest longing of the heart for some people is to be a mother or to be a father.  When standard reproduction doesn’t work or there is a higher calling to adopt children outside of the nuclear family, we help with these cases.  There are also many cases where a step parent has decided to step in and take on legal responsibility for a child as their love grows for the family.


Most people know how complicated and convoluted adoption proceedings can seem.  Responsible adults want to love and care for vulnerable children, and it can cost well over $40,000 to go through adoption proceedings.   The average is $28,000.


Our goal is to help expedite the process and help ensure these children are able to find loving homes with amazing families.  When we help on an adoption case, we change the life of the child forever.


Why Adopt?


One of the most common reasons adoptions happen is after the termination of paternal rights.  Often we have to do both at the same time, in cases where the father has gone missing in action.  We have to file a motion to rescind paternal rights, and often there is a motion filed to grant adoption rights to the new spouse who has been acting in place of the missing agent.  Once the paternal rights termination has been completed, adoptions proceed at a much faster rate and the cost of the adoption is no where near the average of $28,000 because the rights of the new partner are being established for the well-being of the child.


We can help you if you are trying to grow your family, or just ensure paternal or maternal rights exist for the children (often the fear is, what happens if one of us die, who will have the rights to raise the children).  Our goal in adoption cases is to strengthen families through our knowledge of paternal rights actions as well as family law.


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